Our name represents a tension between opposing but often complementary forces.

Techni—color Grayscale is a mouthful, but we believe in its simple premise—it all matters.


This is our Techni—color.


This is our Grayscale.

Strategy is like this. It’s a lot of alignment, calibration, and re-synchronizing.

Oftentimes, this comes in the form of workshop sessions, that allow us to ask lots of questions, poke holes in assumptions, and float new ideas.

A firm foundation—from good research—gives room to ‘play around the edges’. It’s in this space where we make discoveries that are fresh, sometimes unexpected, and always on-brand.

Branding is like this. It’s considering all the angles, known and projected permutations, while keeping everything consistent.

We apply design thinking in a multitude of ways. Each engagement requires different thinking and application.

Digital is like this. Lots of layers and depth, like the hierarchy of a topographic map. We understand user patterns, component-based thinking, and optimizing user experience. We especially excel where brand intersects with digital. (It isn’t static) And while we’re not as old as the internet, we’ve been around long enough.

Our nitty-gritty and nuanced approach to strategy is to ask questions that activate your imagination. To help you define your brand in terms you hadn’t yet considered.

Through the clarity gained from this conversation, we can vividly express the whole meaning and impact of your brand.

It’s a collaboration.
It’s actualization.
It’s comprehensive brand vitality and dimension.

Our Capabilities


  • —Brand positioning
  • —Brand messaging & tone
  • —Creative strategy
  • —Customer & competitive analysis
  • —Copywriting


  • —Brand identity & systems
  • —Art Direction
  • —Brand collateral
  • —Event promotion
  • —Environmental graphics & installation
  • —Social media strategy


  • —UX & UI
  • —Editorial & layout design
  • —Presentation deck design
  • —Website design & development
  • —Social media management
  • —SEO & analytics
  • —Video & animation services

With a reverence for craft analog production methods and a respect for the great designers that paved the way, we bring the ethos of hand-carved typography blocks to the digital space. We hold screenprinting, wood engraving, and large-scale mural projects with the same gravity as brand systems and corporate ebooks.

We are committed to embodying the analog spirit in the physical space and will paint your logo on a hot air balloon if that is what it takes to elevate your brand. We’ve mastered all the rules so that we may break them beautifully.

We care deeply about our work, and we’re continuously honing our craft.

We’re empathetic. We’ve learned to ask nuanced questions and have refined a process that yields work both authentic and distinct.

This isn’t a one-sided effort. Your focused participation is required. This shit’s collaborative.

And we’re not assholes.
We have that going for us, at least. =)

The future is kinetic.

Modern brands should be moving, multi-sensory, and provide moments of delight for customers, whether through an app’s playful interface, or something more traditional like point-of-sale.

Thankfully, we can help with all of that.

We craft digital brands