Connecting foodies with local chefs for unique farm-to-table dining experiences.

Spring 2019

Product Design

UX/UI Design



Project Overview

The founder of Bites came to us wanting a complete overhaul of her app. We reimagined the user experience and visual design of Bites to create an elegant, easy-to-use product.


A community
for food lovers

Fueled by her passion for nutritious, environmentally-friendly dining experiences, Roza Ferdowsmakan founded Bites to unite food enthusiasts with local, personal chefs. This idea carried her to the Apple Entrepreneur Camp, an app accelerator designed specifically for women. The camp made her realize that her app was in need of a drastic redesign, which is where TechGrayscale stepped in.


A recipe for a new marketplace

Roza’s vision for Bites was an elegant, yet understated product. It needed to feel authentic, with nods to natural, earthy elements, and promote a sense of community through collaboration. Perhaps most importantly, it needed to be incredibly simple to navigate.







Introducing elegance

For Bites, we chose a simple palette of black, white and green (for that earthy flavor), paired with ample whitespace. Along with an elegant serif typeface that conveys an authentic, human element, this ensured a sophisticated brand identity.

The new logo

The new Bites logo is simple and designed to work well at all sizes—whether it’s on a poster or a phone screen.

A new logo for big
Or Small Occasions
Color palette
Cutlery #E9E9E9
Sage #7AA982
Licorice #161616
Sage Expanded
Playfair display

A streamlined user experience

Major improvements to the app’s UX included a simplified onboarding process, a robust search/filtering tool, and an easy-to-follow reservation flow. These improvements were detailed in dozens of wireframes that served as a blueprint for the final design.

Setting the stage

The carefully selected stock photography reflects the Bites brand pillars of authenticity and elegance. The welcome screens pull you into an honest and refined experience.

Put your best food forward

To encourage cooks to add high-quality images to their profile, we made food photography the star of the show. Non-essential parts of the interface, like profile photos, are black and white to reduce their visual weight and put emphasis on what’s important: the food.

A focus on collaboration

The reservation flow leaves plenty of room for input from the foodie, and gives cooks and foodies the power to work together to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Bites in the wild

The Bites app currently has a 4.6 star rating on the app store, and is live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, with plans to expand to other cities.

“This new bites app looks great, it already makes me hungry!” —App Store Review


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